Who am I ?

I’m Ingrid and I’m a French and also Spanish teacher, to a lesser extent.

I started to teach French when I was in Madrid in addition to my Spanish Masters.

At the beginning it was just to practice conversation and share ideas in French and Spanish.

However, step by step, the students started to ask more difficult questions about grammar or verbal forms. They wanted an analytical approach to the language.

At first, I felt a little bit lost because I had no idea how to explain it to them, I wasn’t prepared. I tried to explain to them based on simple things they were aware of, based on their own language, in other words either French or Spanish.

The joy and satisfaction I could feel were a good indication on the fact I had found my vocation.

Back in France, I passed the double Bachelor degree in Spanish and French as well as the national competitive exam to teach in High school which enabled me to teach in High school before I specialized in teaching French and then Spanish for foreign adults working in big companies.

No matter which is their objective, professional French, colloquial language, grammar rules, oral or written understanding, pronunciation… I’m trying to find an easy and efficient way for my student to understand the language.

This aspect is the core of my pedagogy regardless of the student’s level. I think it’s always important to make connections with familiar elements in order to understand the logic of the target language.

I believe that in this way a student can quickly become independent in his/her learning.