Training offers and prices


(Face-to-face or video-conference)
These are recommended for all those who wish to progressively improve their skills. They allow you to maintain your skills while devoting a weekly investment of time that is compatible with your schedule. This is the most personalised format. It allows the learner to express himself to the maximum and to benefit from the advice of his trainer. The trainer answers all their questions and adapts to their learning style and pace.


90-minute courses, individually or in small groups of 2 to 6 participants (if the level corresponds)
All levels: from beginner to advanced.
At the company or at home


(Skype, Teams, Zoom etc.)60 or 90 minutes, one-to-one All levels: from beginner to advanced.
The aim of the distance learning courses is to bring the trainee to a level of oral or written communication that will enable him or her to respond with ease to all situations in his or her professional life (welcoming foreign visitors, taking part in meetings, exchanging emails, etc.). The educational and organisational flexibility as well as the choice of topics covered are clearly the advantage of this format.

For face-to-face or videoconference courses, from level B2 :

The programmes and content can be tailor-made, adapted to the objectives defined in advance.
You can bring your own professional materials which we will work on together.


It allows you to prepare a strategic intervention by putting it into situation (negotiation, presentation, workshop…). It is aimed at participants who wish to gain confidence for their oral interventions.
If you already have an advanced level (from b1.2) but do not feel comfortable expressing the same nuances and convictions in French as in your mother tongue, the coaching sessions are for you. They will enable you to overcome your blocks and overcome your apprehensions. Coaching can help you to deal with a wide range of professional situations such as:

  • International conferences
  • Emails & reports
  • Summaries
  • Budget presentations
  • Strategic plans
  • Negociations.


After sending a request via the website, you will receive a written test within 24 hours of the request to evaluate your level. Thanks to the results of the test, I can send you the proposal of the contract and the program and plan a first test lesson in order to explain the course to you and see if the method suits you.

After the first lesson and after receiving the signed contract, we can plan the other lessons together according to your schedule. At the end of the course, you will receive a satisfaction questionnaire but you can also express your opinion on the courses, refine your expectations or make new requests throughout the course, the aim being to remain flexible and open to all your needs.

How does an online French course take place ?

Thanks to a first one-to-one French course, I evaluate your level of expression and comprehension. The course content is then adapted to your level, your needs and your objectives.

The duration of the course, the frequency and the timetable are adaptable to each student.

Each course is composed of an audio file to listen to in order to work on oral comprehension or a written document to improve written comprehension.

The aim is to improve your oral fluency, vocabulary and syntax in a natural way, without complicated grammar rules. You will be less afraid to speak and gain confidence.

Between each private lesson, you will benefit from resources and work to be done independently.

This time for personal work is as important as the course itself. It is time that allows you to assimilate the newly learned lesson.

I can help you refresh your knowledge, deepen your skills in a particular area or strengthen a weak point.

To do this, I tackle topics from everyday life: shopping, going to the doctor, looking for accommodation, preparing a trip, relating facts to the past…

As well as professional topics (business French): writing emails, making a presentation, leading a meeting, talking on the phone…

Online French

(Skype, Zoom or Teams)
30 during 1h
  • Individual
  • For all levels (A1 to C2)

Online French

(Skype, Zoom or Teams)
40 during 1h30
  • Individual
  • For all levels (A1 to C2)

Face to face
French lessons

At home or workplace
50 during 1h30
  • Individual
  • For all levels (A1 to C2)

Proofreading service

I also offer a proofreading service. You can send me your documents: CV, cover letter, emails, reports, minutes.

I can correct your documents in French: corrections will be made for spelling, typing, punctuation, typographical, syntax or conjugation errors.

Proofreading and correction work takes time. It takes one hour for a 3-page document (about 2000 words).

Rate for proofreading: 16€/hour et 8€/30min

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